I attended Peter Lord's (co-founder and director of the Academy Award-winning Aardman Animations - Morph, Shaun the Sheep and Wallace and Gromit) talk at YCN last week as he presented a few of his favourite books / film. Should I have known the talk wasn't focussed on his animation, I may not have actually attended... but I did enjoy listening to Peter talk about how literature has influenced his work. He was a very enthusiastic and passionate speaker, so I can see how his personality has lent itself to his characters. I really loved his last film selection of The Mascot by Ladislas Starewicz from 1934 - a very bizarre and intense stop-motion puppet animation. 


My 'extreme selfie' from Adobe's 2 hour design challenge

My 'extreme selfie' from Adobe's 2 hour design challenge

In a great turn of events I was also invited to compete among the UK's top creatives in the Creative Jam at Adobe's UK New Creative Meetup on Thursday. It was a very busy evening as we (6 graphic designers and 6 animators) were given the theme of 'extreme selfie' and only had a couple hours to produce a piece of work. As we frantically worked away there were quick breaks for interviews, and we were prompted to upload our work in progress on behance which was part of the online streaming of the event. The motion designers had it particularly hard - trying to produce an animation in such limited time, but everyone did very well and we had amazing support from the audience and everyone at home. Nicolas Menard and Edward Monaghan were well deserved winners, and Adobe should be releasing some photo/video of the event shortly! 


Can't wait for Adobe's Creative Jam at Fabric tomorrow night, since sneaking my way onto the guest list! I'll be cheering on Motion Graphic Designer Joseph Lattimer, selected by Adobe over Behance to go head-to-head with some of London's top creatives. Creative Jam is a great traveling platform for the amazing work coming out of international creative hubs, where a theme is announced and then streamed online as the participating artists' concepts come to life - no pressure, Joe!


The Feast - Eddie Martinez

The Feast - Eddie Martinez

Enjoyed a visit to Saatchi Gallery over the weekend on a rare venture to west London. The gift shop was a highlight, but their new exhibition Body Language wasn't half bad either. Makiko Kudo's paintings are really beautiful, and I loved 'The Feast' by Eddie Martinez - a cubist take on The Last Supper. Denis Tarasov's contribution of Russian Gravestones = HILARIOUS. 



Best friend's wedding = chance to design some great bespoke stationary (much more fun than writing your speech)! So happy to have gotten this in the mail, and I'll get it up on the site soon. They were almost too easy-going - besides the irrational fear of ampersands, but this art deco / sailor jerry inspired design sums them up pretty well. Looking forward to August!



I was really glad to have finally made it to the London Transport Museum, and perfectly timed it with the London Stories illustration exhibition launch (and their valentines day late no less)! Big congratulations to the 50 featured illustrators - the posters were really well done and based on good selections of London's history. With such a rich history of poster design for TFL, its great to see the relationship kept alive. It was impossible to pick a favourite, but the simple composition of 'The Ghastly Train' by Juan Molinet put it up there for me! Might start working on an entry for next year...

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