I recently co-directed a music video for Paul Orwell's new single - 'You're Nothing Special' which is soon to be released on Fred Perry Subculture! Looking forward to sharing it and thanks to everyone involved ~ Paul Orwell, Mikey Parrett, Kirsty McAllister, Joseph Lattimer, Edmund Curtis and Tasnim Rahman.


I had the pleasure of attending this year's Pictoplasma conference in Berlin with Joseph Lattimer to present an upcoming project at their character forum. The conference focuses on character design with lots of crossover into film, advertising, and design. The line-up of speakers was very inspirational and entertaining, and the unique Berlin venues made for a memorable few days. Great to meet such an international collection of creatives and hear about other parts of the industry. I had really been looking forward to hearing Lucas Zanotto so getting a sneak preview of his new app was a bonus, and some other favourites were Yomsnil, Brosmind and Wong Ping. And, I may eventually get this song out of my head...



I'm very excited to announce the birth of Fancy Lamp, my new creative agency. Things are off to a brilliant start thanks to a little help from The Barbican and The Trampery who have invited us to take part in their new frontier - Fish Island Labs. We'll be taking up residency in their Hackney Wick victorian warehouse turned creative/tech bubble for the next 10 months as we work on our first big project. With a program full of workshops on entrepreneurship, innovation, social media, and creative startups, we look forward to sharing our experience with you!

So... Like us, share us, and watch this space


Ramadan kicks off this week and Miss Selfridge Stores across the Middle East are decked out with my new Ramadan window design. The window displays and marketing material were created for the month-long fasting tradition, followed by phase 2 for Eid celebration. Created to work along with our summer artwork, the Ramadan design gets a bit more decorative and embellished with less use of campaign photography. Enjoy! 


Sarah Parker's 'Vacation Style' for Mr. Porter

Sarah Parker's 'Vacation Style' for Mr. Porter

Becky Smith and Gary Card for Tiffany & Co

Becky Smith and Gary Card for Tiffany & Co

It's nice that put on a wonderful evening of fashion-themed talks this week with a short & sweet format and some great speakers! Having done work in fashion recently, I am really drawn to the limitless nature of concepts and aesthetics that can be used in fashion communication. Charlie Porter gave an entertaining and insightful look at his career as 'kind of a fashion journalist' and how internet and social media has completely changed fashion writing and marketing. Sarah Parker presented her set design work, in which she focuses on using materials unexpectedly, and creates optical illusions with simple graphic shapes. She's managed to make simple pencil rubbings work as a beautiful / rich looking stage for luxury accessories, and a string of spaghetti look like expensive jewellery in a Rodchenko style B&W composition - likely thanks to her confession that she's done well since getting over the fear of making something that might look crap.

Twin magazine founder Becky Smith gave great insight into starting a magazine, her editorial fashion layouts and Creative Direction for high street clients. She's clearly not afraid to try something ridiculous and push brands out of their comfort zone. Her spread for Tiffany with plasticine sloths (by Gary card) is brilliant. Kit Neale finished off with his thoughts on Britain's flamboyant, eccentric and humorous national identity - which obviously plays a role in his colourful, graphic collection.

With an open bar and a free back issue of printed pages, i'll certainly be back for another Nicer Tuesdays!



Somerset House is currently hosting a brilliant collection of British graphic arts. Pick Me Up festival is a great chance to shine a light on local illustration collectives and solo graphic artists. The walls were covered with beautiful giclée prints galore - from graphite sketches to minimalist typographic posters. There was also inspiring installation work featuring 3D printing utilized for animation. Animaux Circus (one of my fave East London artist collectives, with a focus on street art) had a fun sign-painting workshop on the go with cute wooden cut-outs, and it was great to see Edward Carvalho-Monaghan's (one of my fellow Adobe Jammers) bold illustrations printed large scale. Unlimited Shop of Brighton was a noticeable favourite storefront for everyone with their colourful prints, while Jessica Das and Jack Hudson were stand-out for me!


I was thrilled by an invitation to compete among the UK's top creatives in Adobe's Creative Jam on March 27th at Fabric. It was a very busy evening as we were given just three hours to create an 'extreme selfie'. There were some great guest speakers (Gavin Campbell, Chris Labrooy, David Sheldrick, and Haz Dullul) along with dinner and drinks for an industry audience. We took quick breaks for interviews, and were prompted to upload our work in progress on behance which was part of the online streaming of the event. Everyone did a great job and we had amazing support from the live audience and everyone that was watching from home.

My 'extreme selfie' portrays a circus performer, focused on getting a great selfie while performing above a tank of blood-thirsty pirhanas.

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